Which Season Is This Anyway?

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We have gained a new season in the last few years. It is something called flu season. It seems to me adding a new season is akin to saying, “I am adding an extra month to the year,” or “I am adding an extra hour to each day.”  Kind of silly, I think, because it is simply not possible. If you really want to add another season to the 4, maybe it is more appropriate to call it “sugar season”. What we see is a direct correlation between holidays that usually include a large increase in the intake of sugar followed by an uptick in cases of flu, snotty noses, upset stomachs etc.

Why is that? It is known that sugar drastically reduces your body’s natural  immune response. When your body can’t defend itself against viruses, which are ever present, symptoms will appear.  So what can you do about it? The good news is, there are LOTS of non-invasive ways to support and build your body’s ability to defend itself. The NUMBER 1 way is… GET ADJUSTED!!! Multiple studies show that people under regular chiropractic care have a higher immune system function, and have fewer days lost from work/school from an immune system event.

Stay with your care schedule to make sure you have the best possible nerve system function and best possible immune system function. Share this vital information with your friends, family and co-workers, especially those that seem to always “catch whatever is going around” or have children that are struggling. Make sure you ask us for our “Sugar Season” information packet to share with the people you are around. Finally, and obviously, clean up your environment by limiting or eliminating your candy/cookie intake.

The Cliff Notes….
1. Stay on track with your care schedule
2. Share  this info with your friends, family, and co-workers (ask for our
informational packet)
3. Clean up your environment and set personal intake boundaries