The Season of Gratitude

//The Season of Gratitude

The act of gratitude, actually expressing your thanks for the blessings in your life, is increasingly showing to have benefits beyond a transient warm fuzzy.  Researchers are uncovering all types of positive physiologic benefits from the long standing tenant of giving thanks.  In recent years, studies have demonstrated that gratitude:

  • Reduces physical symptoms
  • Increases depth and number of relationships
  • Reduces “toxic” bio-chemicals resulting from negative emotion
  • Increases empathy and reduces aggression
  • Increases sleep
  • Increases our “resiliency”… WHAT?

As a client in our practice, you know that chiropractic has shown to help “build you up”, to make you better at adapting to the endless list of stressors in our world.  Guess what… GRATITUDE can do this too!

What are you grateful for today?