Building a Better Tomorrow

I recently had an in-depth conversation with an inquiring mom about her kids and their struggles.  As we continued to chat, her focus expanded.  “You know, it seems like the health of kids nowadays is way worse than when I

Feeding Your Body

Are you wondering if the food you eat is moving you towards health and vitality, or is causing you to feel sluggish, achy, and bloated? In this class, Dr. Julie Brons will be shedding light on some of the diet

Creating You!

Creating You! is a powerful 45-minute introduction to the principles shown to maximize health and vitality. These principles, when understood, applied, and paired with neurological-based chiropractic, provide a pathway to vibrant health. This is an essential class for all new clients

Conquering Allergy Season!

As summer gets into full swing, many people experience heightened sensitivity and allergic reactions.  Here are some simple ways to conquer the allergy season naturally:  Make sure your nervous system is healthy! Over-sensitivity may have a nerve system component and many people