Can One Degree of Change Make a Difference?

//Can One Degree of Change Make a Difference?
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Some of you may know that our oldest son is studying to become a commercial pilot. I bet if we asked him that question, he would nod his head and emphatically state “yes”. When flying an airplane 1 degree can mean arriving at your destination or landing in deep water. The same principle holds true in our bodies. One small adjustment to our lifestyle can make all the difference in the end. It can make the difference between just getting old or aging well.

What are some simple, yet extremely powerful 1 degree changes that you can do to your lifestyle?


Your nerve system is responsible for EVERYTHING in your body. Nothing, really, absolutely nothing, takes place in your body without your nerve system taking part in it. Making sure it is firing the way it should is of prime importance.


Read the labels on the things you buy. If you don’t understand what it says, or there are oodles of ingredients in it, or it can stay in your pantry for years, PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF. Let the grocery store, store it for you, till you really need it 😉


Got to the library and get a good book. Read fiction, non-fiction, biographies, whatever floats your boat. If you are interested in a particular subject, learn more about it. It is amazing what happens when you start reading.


Your body was meant for movement. It isn’t meant to sit in a c-shape reading a screen. It was meant to be used physically. There are lots of simple things to do, park furthest away from the door, do sit-ups and push-ups when you wake up, or on commercial breaks, sign up for a race, a smart marketer once coined the term “Just do It”.


Thoughts become real. If you dwell on unhappy things, they soon can overtake you. You can think yourself into despair or think yourself toward the light. Take time to pray for peace and guidance daily, take time to be thankful, turn of the news on TV and the news feed on your phone. Believe me, if the world falls apart or comes together, someone will tell you.


The Bottom Line

In short, make Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well your habit. If you have any specific goals or something you need help with, let us know. We are here to support and love you through your journey. Come to any and all of our classes. We have designed them with you in mind. Check our calendar out or on our Facebook page.