Drink Up!

Summertime in northern Michigan means warmth, sunshine, and lots of time outside! So here’s a tip to turn the “dog days of summer” into “glory days.” Drink water! Yes, it’s that simple. Experts suggest two-thirds of your body weight in ounces daily.

So… drink up!

It is very well established – common sense – that you can’t survive for long without water. So what happens if you have water, just not enough for OPTIMAL FUNCTION? The answer would seem obvious, but as is the societal custom, “further research is indicated.” And here it is!

Researchers in the UK, published recently in frontiers in human Neuroscience, made an amazing discovery… mild dehydration has a negative effect on the­ brain’s performance.

If we recognize that the brain contracts and regenerates ALL the functions of the body, it seems to us that water serves an important role in staying well.

In the chiropractic model, the stress of dehydration (even mild), causes a defensive response – and we know the body does not heal well when the nerve system is in “defense”. Want more reasons to drink up? … Contact us!

(P.S. One recent study showed an average weight loss of 15 lbs. for overweight people who drank adequate water for one year!)

Whether you like water or not, it is a vital component to good health. Since our brain and nerve system is composed of primarily water it stands to reason that the lack of water will impact these parts the most. Got you convinced yet? If so, here’s a tip to make you a lifetime drinker… build up gradually over a month, to the level of H2O that you need.