Can Chocolate Really Be Good for You?

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Is it true that chocolate is actually good for you?

According to research cited in a 2012 report published in the British Medical Journal, “prior studies have shown that eating dark chocolate may lower blood pressure.”

In fact, prior studies also indicated that dark chocolate may also improve one’s levels of cholesterol.  In combination, between lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, some dark chocolate every day may both help prevent heart disease and positively contribute to your health.

According to the report, the chocolate they used in the study contained natural plant compounds called polyphenols in an amount equivalent to the amount found in 4 ounces of dark chocolate daily.

Further, the study authors claimed that, “dark chocolate, derived from cocoa beans, is rich in polyphenols, specifically flavonoids. Flavonoids exhibit antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, and metabolic effects, all of which may contribute to their protective effect.”

While nothing in the report points to long term effects or long term benefits from daily dark chocolate consumption, if you love chocolate and eat the right type (dark) in moderation, you could very well be contributing to your health… what a great lifestyle choice!

Caution:  The “cardiovascular protective effects of cocoa (flavonoids), have only been shown for dark chocolate, rather than for milk or white chocolate.”  Too much and the wrong type can hurt your health.

Prevention is the attempt to hold off problems from developing. Lifestyle is a more pro-active approach to develop one’s health consciously. It’s a matter of what we focus on and we suggest you focus on growing your health! The best way to stay well is to grow your health… diet, exercise, rest, positive mental attitude and regular chiropractic care is a great place to start in growing healthy people! Top it off with a little chocolate! 🙂