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The Fear of FEAR

Today I had the most amazing visit with a toddler whom we’ve been seeing for a few weeks.  The story is way too familiar… recurrent ear infections, poor sleep, constantly battling snot.  The most common reason parents seek chiropractic is

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it comes with a mixed bag of emotions, memories and expectations.  Many have fond recollections of their dad, yet in some it recalls disappointment, fear and sadness.  This is one of those

The Pygmalion Effect

How much do our assumptions control the outcome of a situation? The Pygmalion effect is a fascinating review of the psychological phenomenon wherein high expectations in an area lead to increased performance in said area. A simple way to rephrase

Compare and Contrast

Regardless of your spiritual persuasion, comparing or coveting someone else’s stature – physical, financial, relational, etc. – to your own is a fast track to trouble. Envy, discontent, and insecurity seem to be at an all time high.

Calm Down and Breathe

Breath. Breath is the sign of life or lack thereof. We have so many sayings regarding breath, i.e. “don’t hold your breath for xyz to happen”, “a sigh of relief”, or “took my breath away”. Interesting, isn’t it? Why has breath become such a