A contest…

//A contest…

 IT’S A CONTEST…On your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!Nothing like a friendly competition to make good use of free time. We have a new and fun way for you and your family to explore history, philosophy and policy…plus really understand some of the reasons why we do the things we do in life. 

Here’s how it works.  We are asking YOU to study the life works/concepts of 2 famous people in history, LouisPasteur and Antoine Bechamp.  After your study and research, we would like you to present your findings IN THE FORM of a VIDEO. It can be a news report, a skit, a game show,etc….BE CREATIVE!  This video should be thorough in it’s defining their ideas , but also reflect the characteristics/personalities of each man. Creativity is key, and so is making it fun and engaging for someone who has never heard of these two men.

While we want this exercise to be fun, we also expect it to be thought provoking. How are these ideas seen in the world today?  What do you believe?  Why?  How have the ideas of these men impacted our lives today?These questions are conversations you can have among your family and we would encourage this to occur.THE RULES of the CONTEST
 * Videos must be submitted by email to : gethealthy@performancechirointc.com
* Videos should be no more than 5 minutes in length
*All submissions shall be made by 6pm EST on APRIL 30. 
* By submitting a video, you are giving permission to Performance Chiropractic to share the video for educational and outreach purposes. 
*All videos will be judged, lovingly, by our panel.  Judges will be looking for several points: clarity of content,  creativity, appeal to youth.  Decision of judges is final…it always is!
*GRAND PRIZE: $100 Gift Card to the winners choice!
We hope you all have fun in learning, creating, discussing and sharing you perceptions with each other and us.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, get stuck…we are always here for you.  Good Luck!