Healthy Holiday Tips

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Everyone knows that they should maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy activities… even during the holidays.  But, as most would agree, that is much easier said than done.  After all, haven’t we convinced ourselves that “it’s the holiday season” and that “we’ll go back to our more healthy routines after the new year.”

But, it’s called the Holiday Season, not the Vacation Season.  A holiday is a cause for celebration, whereas a vacation is to take a break from your life.  We suggest you look at this season as an opportunity to celebrate your life and everything in it!

Here are a few HEALTHY holiday tips:

  1.  Eat your holiday meals by candlelight. Go slow and be mindful of every bite. It takes the brain time to tell the stomach it is full.
  2.  If you over-indulge one day, get back in control immediately. Don’t be down on yourself and don’t put it off until January.
  3.  Drink WATER… lots of water. The standard measure is two-thirds your body weight in ounces daily.
  4.  If you do indulge, do it as a celebration rather than an opportunity to feel guilty.
  5.  Be kind to yourself. Stop being so harsh with yourself. Celebrate your life with some positive self-talk.
  6.  Keep up some sort of exercise. A long walk with family and friends is a great way to keep moving and catch up on the lives of your loved ones.