Feel or Function… are they connected?

//Feel or Function… are they connected?

We often hear “I feel fine… why do I need to get my nerve system checked?” or “If I don’t hurt, why should I see a chiropractor?”

That’s a valid and understandable question. It’s along the line of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Think about this scenario – your teeth. We have been trained to know that brushing and flossing at least once a day, preferably even two or three times per day, will extend the life of our teeth. We don’t do it because they hurt or are broken. We do it because we have bought into a paradigm. That paradigm says that taking care of your teeth on a daily basis prevents future problems from occurring – or at the very least from becoming serious. It is a lot easier to fix a cavity when it is small, as opposed to when the tooth has decayed to the point of needing a root canal. The beauty of your teeth is that you can get a root canal if you choose not to care for your teeth on a daily basis. You could even just have the tooth pulled and still continue to function rather well. I think we can all agree, though, that committing to brushing and flossing daily is better, as opposed to waiting until our teeth grab our attention!

So how does the dental paradigm relate to the question of getting your nerve system checked? Is pain the best indicator for how your nerve system is functioning? Are there other indications that you may not be fully functioning before you “feel” it?

Check out the Meric chart here. Do you see how all of the spinal nerves go to various organs and glands? Every nerve coming from your spinal cord is an extension of your brain and it has multiple functions, way more than feeling pain. Do you think it might be better to assess how well your spine and nerve system is functioning as opposed to waiting for pain to show up? The difference between your spine and your tooth is, you can’t just pull it or patch it when it breaks down.

First… make sure to get your spine checked regularly by a doctor of chiropractic! They are the only ones trained in this.

Next, share with your loved ones, friends and family alike, that their nerve system does more than sense pain. They need to get their spine and nerve system checked by a doctor of chiropractic as well!

Finally… anchor this thought:  It is more costly to repair than it is to prepare.

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