Can You THRIVE During the Sugar Season?

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The trend looks like this:  beginning around the end of the first week of November, and then recurring about the first week of December, then once again at the beginning of the New Year, the third week in February and a week after Easter, we see in our practice an INCREASE of people with the following concerns – ear infections, cold / flu-like symptoms, sinus congestion, headache, and nausea / digestive problems.

Often these folks have been “diagnosed” by the medical providers with ear infections, flu, sinus infections, bronchitis… even pneumonia.  Does this sound familiar to you?

So what is the “thread” that weaves all of these together?

In our consults with these sufferers over the years, we think we’ve discovered the link… SUGAR.  We can’t begin to outline all the damaging effects of processed white table sugar or it’s more recent cohort, high fructose corn syrup.  In fact, manufacturers are aware that some of society has found this connection to poor health and in response created products that are “sugar-free”, hoping you’ll feel safer to consume their goods.  Don’t be deceived!

Sugars consumed in the form and quantity that we see around the holidays can “stun” your body’s natural defense mechanism, the immune system.  When your defense mechanisms are down, you become a great host for the millions of pathogens that live in and around you.  The result is a full-fledged immune response:  fever, mucous creation, nausea, fatigue, headache, muscle aches and more.  Sugar is a STRESSOR to your body. As we move into sugar season, see if you can’t make some changes to your consumption of this highly addictive compound.  More importantly, if you have children or grandchildren, monitor them.  We see a disturbing trend – Halloween turns into a month of unfettered sugar consumption, and then we wonder why little Johnny always gets ear infections “this time of year”. Sugars stress our body and, if used at all, should be consumed in very small quantities – especially in fragile and developing bodies!!!  Have we sucked all your fun? You can decide if a handful of chocolates is worth the adverse health effects. Look around this sugar season and let us know what YOU see.

Here’s some ways to survive sugar season:

  • Trade your trick-or-treater’s bag of sugar for the toy they have been longing for
  • Several agencies are shipping goodies to our troops… make it a “service for others” outing
  • Use whole sugars when making holiday treats – Succinat, honey, maple sugar, pure cane sugar – these sugars don’t have the visual market appeal and are not as damaging as their processed cousins… but still consume them in small quantities.
  • Fruits contain sugars, but NOT in high concentrations, so your body is not overwhelmed. Try fruity desserts.