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Drink Up!

Summertime in northern Michigan means warmth, sunshine, and lots of time outside! So here’s a tip to turn the “dog days of summer” into “glory days.” Drink water! Yes, it’s that simple. Experts suggest two-thirds of your body weight in

Go Outside!

As the public becomes more and more aware of the devastating “other” effects of psychiatric and anti-depressive drugs, the search for more natural and safer alternatives has become apparent… finally. One solution is as simple as just going outside! The Harvard

Conquering Allergy Season!

As summer gets into full swing, many people experience heightened sensitivity and allergic reactions.  Here are some simple ways to conquer the allergy season naturally:  Make sure your nervous system is healthy! Over-sensitivity may have a nerve system component and many people

Understanding Sensitivity to Gluten Part 1 - Your Weekly Health Tip - Performance Chiropractic

Is Gluten So Bad?

I feel kind of bad for gluten. It has been made a scapegoat for just about everything you can think of, from severe stomach issues to inability to think straight. In 0.56 seconds Google came up with 149,000,000 hits, yes