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Compare and Contrast

Regardless of your spiritual persuasion, comparing or coveting someone else’s stature – physical, financial, relational, etc. – to your own is a fast track to trouble. Envy, discontent, and insecurity seem to be at an all time high.

Calm Down and Breathe

Breath. Breath is the sign of life or lack thereof. We have so many sayings regarding breath, i.e. “don’t hold your breath for xyz to happen”, “a sigh of relief”, or “took my breath away”. Interesting, isn’t it? Why has breath become such a

Building a Better Tomorrow

I recently had an in-depth conversation with an inquiring mom about her kids and their struggles.  As we continued to chat, her focus expanded.  “You know, it seems like the health of kids nowadays is way worse than when I

Are You a Champion?

  This picture shows some of my boys and nieces and nephews. They are surrounding a railing on a building in Copenhagen, Denmark. You are probably wondering what is so special about a brass rail nailed to the side of a

By Royal Decree

by Dr. Julie Brons Every year at 6 pm on New Year’s Eve, a scene plays out in the vast majority of Danish living rooms. People gather around the TV and wait for our Queen, Queen Margrethe, to appear right after