Are You a Champion?

//Are You a Champion?


This picture shows some of my boys and nieces and nephews. They are surrounding a railing on a building in Copenhagen, Denmark. You are probably wondering what is so special about a brass rail nailed to the side of a building. The rail is about being a champion. The passing of my mother has caused me to contemplate what is important and how long one should continue to battle for something when seemingly making no progress.

My mom was a lifelong learner and that is how she came upon the house with the missing rail. The building houses adult education classes. My mom would go to many of these with her friends, all her age or older. They would feel unsafe trying to make it up and down the stairs without having a railing to hold onto. Enter the Champion of the Unstable Stair Walker – aka my mom. My mom battled for 3 years… yes, 3 YEARS to get this rail installed, not to change citywide rail policies, just one rail that would benefit and make life safer for many people looking to learn.

The city threw many reasons at her as to why the rail could not be installed. One of the reasons showed just how important it is to know who your opponent is. The city told my mom that the building was on the historically preserved list, and thus could not be altered. My mom loved Denmark and all things Danish. She loved it so much that she had dedicated her life to showing foreigners and Danes alike around this marvelous country.  She dedicated 40+ years of her life as a licensed tour guide, and for many years she taught at the program for the licensing of tour guides. It took her about 3 seconds flat to tell them that they were wrong.

Long story short, my mom won the battle. 3 years it took for victory. 3 years to get a 3 foot piece of brass attached to the side of a (historically insignificant) building.

My mom was the champion for many other causes, sometimes it was just to help one person, sometimes to help many. This has made me think of what it means to be a champion. I believe persistence, and taking the long view, is a big key to champion any cause.  There are many causes that may not be won in your lifetime, but the work you do today provides the building blocks future generations need to finally reach victory. At our office, Performance Chiropractic, our championship cause is to see a generation of children grow up without the interference of prescribed, injected, or illegal drugs and medications.  We want children to be allowed to grow into vital, thinking adults, free to express their inborn potential. Every day we move closer as we see individuals and families embrace a vitalistic system of care for themselves and their children.

I believe persistence, and taking the long view, is a big key to champion any cause.

This is my invitation to you to look at your life, really look at it and see what cause you would like to help champion. Write a list of big and small things, and then start conquering. If you would like to join us in our cause, we welcome you. There is much work to be done, but as the saying goes, many hands make light work. If you join our cause, an easy first thing to do is to share our website  with people you love and care about. ( or by inviting them to come in to our office with you next time you are due for an adjustment. Now go forth and be a champion!